Spotlight on Africa Panel: How to Break into the African Music Market: Unpacking Rights, Distribution, and Collaboration Across Border

11:00 AM - 12:15 PM, Harbour Ballroom B/C

(Moderator: Amira Guetif) Join our expert panel as we explore the exciting opportunities and challenges of breaking into the African music market. Our discussion will focus on the essential elements of success, including understanding the complexities of rights, distribution, and collaboration across borders. With our experienced panelists, you’ll learn how to navigate the African music market, build meaningful relationships, and maximize your impact on this vibrant and rapidly expanding industry. Whether you’re an artist, manager, or industry professional, you won’t want to miss this valuable discussion on breaking into the African music market.


  • Amira Guetif
    Communication and Creative Lead (Zanzibar - Tanzania), SXM Festival (Sint Maarteen - The Caribbean) | Fabrika Festival (Tunisia), Soundscapes | Program Consultant

  • Brahim El Mazned
    Founder, Visa For Music

  • Eloi Mugabe
    Content Manager, Paradise Worldwide

  • Jiggs Thorne
    Founder, Director, MTN Bushfire Festival

  • Kevin Stuart
    Talent Buyer/ Head of Talent, ATM (Artist Talent Management)/Delicious Festival

  • Lerato Matsoso
    Stakeholder Relations Manager , CAPASSO

  • Natasha Stambuli
    General Manager, Boomplay

  • Pfanani Lishivha

  • Pule Mokoa
    Head of A&R & Marketing, Content Connect Africa and Gallo

  • Sarah Jane Nicholson
    Africa Rising Music Conference

  • Tumi Mogapi 
    Vice-Chair of Development & Partnerships/Head of Publishing, Women in Music South Africa/Africori Music Group