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Amira Guetif

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Amira Guetif has been pursuing and devoting 100% of her time to collaborative creative projects she loves, in the electronic and live music entertainment industry for the past 12 years in North America, the Middle East, and Africa.

A borderless creative, she applies storytelling, visual arts and soul to shape customer experiences that matter. Amira left her home country Tunisia, North Africa to pursue her studies in Canada after obtaining a national scholarship for Creative English Studies in 2008, and working with multi-disciplinary groups of people out of Canada, Mexico, The Caribbean as well as Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE, and more recently Zanzibar and Tanzania.

Self-taught with a contagious spirit, evolving side-by-side with clients, she has deployd her creative capabilities in several disciplines throughout the years, ranging from creative direction, branding, and narratives, to experiential communication, advertising and sales. Practicing an agile 360 creative approach, as well as radical collaboration with both established and emerging partners, artists and creators, to develop projects that matter, and enabling her team and clients to outperform, while nurturing their constant evolution.

Amira has developed a strong understanding  of digital and social communications, and fluently articulates ideas and concepts for campaigns which work across all media, while developping relationships of value to the client and the community.

Amira currently holds the position of Partner and Communication/ Creative Lead at Soundscapes in Zanzibar, Tanzania, as well as at SXM Festival in Sint Maarten, The Caribbean. Additionally, she serves as a Program & brand Consultant for Fabrika Festival in her home country Tunisia. She is also working on developing a connecting platform that brings together artists, talents, and creatives from around the world to foster sustainable and innovative entertainment in the music industry, establishing connections and collaboration between the MENA region and the global creative community.


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