Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to your Radiodays North America Questions here!

Online registration & payment

How do I register for RDNA?

You can register for RDNA here.

Is there an early bird discount?

Yes, by registering before a certain date, which will be announced later in the year you can receive discount rates. Other prices may apply if you have a ”Partner Organisation Code” or are employed by a company which is pre-registered for Radiodays North America.

What is a ”Partner Organisation Code”?
Radiodays North America has a number of partner organisations in different countries.  If you are employed by a company that is a member of one of these organisations, the company may have got a ”Partner Organisation Code”.  If so, enter it in the form.  Please contact the company or organisation to confirm the “Partner Organisation Code”. You can find out which companies are Partner Organisations here.

How do I pay for my RDNA ticket?
You can pay for your ticket using major cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

I will need an invoice for my accounting how do I get an invoice?
Radiodays North America accepts payments only by credit card. If you have a query about invoices please contact

Tickets & redeeming tickets on the day

How do I know whether my payment for the ticket went through?

You will receive a confirmation email confirming your ticket.

What shall I do with the ticket?
1. Print it out 2. Bring it with you 3. Show at the registration. You must also bring picture ID to the event

What happens if I come to the conference without my ticket?
If you arrive without your ticket you will be able to collect your badge from the registration desk. You must bring photo ID and allow for extra time to collect your badge.

Can several people gain entry on the same ticket?
The code on each ticket will only allow entry to the person who is named on the ticket.

Speakers & program

How do I become a speaker at RDNA? 
To become a speaker at RDNA please submit your speaker request form. All speaker suggestions will be sent to the RDNA Program Group, each speaker suggestion will be assessed and speakers of interest will be contacted by the Program Committee Assistant.

How do I suggest a session for RDNA? 
We will open a Propose A Panel portal on the website from calling for contributions. All speaker suggestions will be sent to the RDNA Program Committee, each speaker suggestion will be assessed and speakers of interest will be contacted by the Program Group Assistant.

When are speakers announced for RDNA? 
Speakers for RDNA are announced from November to May, speakers are confirmed by email and announced publicly on the RDNA website.

I am a speaker where do I find information on presentations, set up, submitting my bio/pic & arrival? 
Speakers can find all the information they need by contacting their session producer or emailing

I am a journalist, I would like to contact an RDNA speaker for an interview, how do I do this? 
Please contact the RDNA Communications Manager

Commercial, Media and Official Partners

What is an RDNA Commercial Partner? 
An RDNA Commercial Partner is any company which wants to exhibit or sponsor at RDNA. More details on how to exhibit or sponsor at RNAE can be found here.

How do I become a Commercial Partner? 
To become a Commercial Partner please contact

Where can I register to become a Commercial Partner & download the Commercial Partners catalogue? 
You can register your interest in becoming a Commercial Partner and receive the Commercial Partners catalogue here 

Which companies are eligible for Media Partnerships? 
Full details of companies eligible to become Media Partners can be found here. Please note that Media Partner companies must demonstrate that they meet the criteria to become Media Partners, RDNA reserve the right to refuse any company.

How do I become a Media Partner? 
Media Partners must apply to here 

Which companies are eligible to become Partner Organisations?   
RDNA assesses each application to become a Partner Organisation individually.

How does my company  become a Partner Organisation? 
Companies must apply here to become a Partner Organisation.

Venue, Hotels, Visas

Where is the venue for RDNA 2022?
The Westin Harbour Castle
, Toronto, 1 Harbour Square, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5J 1A6
Tel: +1 416-869-1600. More details and group rates can be found on the Hotel page.

How do I get to the venue? 

You can find directions to the venue for RDNA on the Hotel page.

Are there any special deals and suggested hotels during RDNA 2022?
You can find suggested hotels and special deals for RDNA 2022 on on the Hotel page.

I need a Visa for RDNA, how do I apply for a Visa letter? 
You can apply for a Visa letter here.

Press at RDNA

How do I apply for press accreditation for RDNA?
All press must apply for press accreditation. Please contact the RDNA Communications Manager  or fill out the Media Accredition Form.

How do I recieve the press pack for RDNA including the RDNA Logo? 
You can find the logo for Radiodays North America in the ‘About’ section of our website.

Terms & Conditions for the sale of tickets to Radiodays North America 2022

Cancellation policy
Registration is binding and payment for tickets will not be refunded. NO REFUNDS ON TICKETS IS GIVEN. You can transfer the ticket to another person within the year you bought the ticket only.  To do this – send mail to

Force Majeure
The Association Radiodays North America reserves the right to modify dates, locations, time schedules and programmes caused by “force majeure”. “Force majeure” is defined as incidents beyond anyone’s control such as – but not limited to – general strikes, invasions, hostilities, war, rioting or similar situations, or acts-of-God such as – but not limited to – pandemics, epidemics, floods, volcanic eruption, earthquakes or other convulsions of nature and other acts. In that case, the registration remains binding.

In the case of event cancellation directly or indirectly caused by – or resulting from – “force majeure”, Radiodays North America will notify the registered persons. The contract shall automatically terminate, and the Association Radiodays North America may retain as liquidated damages any and all fees paid by the registered person.