Our corporate logo is an important part of the Radiodays North America brand. It represents our identity and is a valuable piece of intellectual property. Letting other companies use our logo can give the impression that we favour or endorse them. In some situations, it can even mean we have legal liability. We therefore ask that you use our logo to promote Radiodays North America event only, that you use the Radiodays logo only in the way which it is presented here and do not in any way alter or change the logos and banners which are available on this page. Mis-use of our logo will lead to prosecution of the company, entity or individual mis-using the logo. If you wish to request a special logo please contact niell@cmw.net we will consider each request on a case by case basis.

Radiodays North America Corporate Logo

The Radiodays logo uses two colors: black and white. Primarily the logo should be used on a black background for maximum impact and clarity. The following version is available for use: