Becoming a Radiodays North America partner

To become a partner please fill out the partner application form, stating what type of partner you would like to become. Radiodays North America has two types of partnership: Partner Organization and Media Partner. If you would like to become a Partner you must apply by filling out the partner application form.

What type of partner are you?

Partner organizations.  Radiodays North America brings together high level broadcast professionals from around the world to work together to make a better future for radio. Our Partner organisations are invited to the Conference Committee meeting every autumn.  There they take part in starting the planning for the program of the next Radiodays North America brainstorming topics and speakers.  Partner organisations also cooperate in spreading information about the upcoming event. If you need further information on becoming a Partner Organization please contact

Media partners. Radiodays North America is the annual meeting point for radio executives and professionals from around the world.  It is a great place to catch up with new trends and formats and listen to the central policy makers in the radio world.  Our media partners cover the event for their publications and get special access to Radiodays North America material and contacts. Journalists planning to cover the conference can apply for press accreditation.  If you need further information on Media Partnerships please contact

Are you already a partner?

If you were a Partner organisation last year you will remain one in this year, if you need to change this status or If you are unsure of the type of partnership which you require please contact

Become Exhibitor & Sponsor

Radiodays North America offer a wide range of Exhibitor & Sponsorship options, ranging from exhibition and company session opportunities to signage, branding and project sponsorships as well as B2B relations. Should you be interested in any commercial partnership options for Radiodays North America and would like to be sent the Commercial Brochure, you must fill in the application form.  If you need further information on Commercial partnerships please contact

NOTE: All Goods and Services are subject to a 13% HST tax. Yes non-resident corporations are subject to this tax while doing business in Canada.