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Canada's premier annual event is dedicated to the music industry.

The Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto
The Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto

Join us in 2024 as we mark the 42nd anniversary of Canadian Music Week, and immerse yourself in an unforgettable in-person experience right in the vibrant heart of Toronto!

Our four-day extravaganza kicks off on Sunday, June 2nd, with the New Podcast Summit and a swanky delegate party. The excitement continues with a comprehensive music summit that delves into every facet of the industry. Don’t miss out!

Presented by RBC Emerging Artists Project

Virtual Voices

Check out our Virtual Voices page for live sessions by industry pros discussing global music challenges. It’s a treasure trove of insights from past summits, perfect for music enthusiasts eager to understand the industry’s evolution. Dive in and explore!

by Karen Bliss

Making Noise

Making Noise” is a bi-weekly feature that spotlights music industry innovators, including emerging artists, through engaging interviews. Dive into their groundbreaking ideas, use of disruptive technologies, and inspiring success stories. Explore the dynamic music world with us and meet the trailblazers shaping its future.


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