Become a speaker


Panelists will be part of a panel consisting of 3-5 other participants. Panelists and moderator are strongly encouraged to meet prior to panel presentation to review key topics and questions. Conference producer will organize and facilitate introductions between participating speakers. It is the responsibility of the panelists to submit panel topics and questions to the panel moderator.

Moderator of a panel must submit:

  • Main talking points of session and key questions to be asked
  • Description of anticipated audience
  • Bio on his/herself (100-200 words)


Workshops are a very vital part of the Canadian Music Week event curriculum. They provide attendees with the opportunity to experience a more intimate and interactive setting with other attendees, as well as an opportunity for one-on-one interaction with workshop organizers.

Workshops are not designed to be main-stage presentations. They’re generally 1-3 hours in length based on the discussion, hands-on activities, group work and a chance for attendees to apply learned strategies and techniques in real time with their professional peers.

Workshop presenters must submit:

  • Description of topic/content to be covered during workshop
  • Workshop agenda (Please give details & approx. time allotted for each activity)
  • Description of anticipated audience and the maximum number of people you would prefer
  • Description of the skills attendees will learn, (100-250 words)
  • Is a PowerPoint Presentation required?

General Sessions

(Presentations, Case Studies, Super Sessions, Debates, Keynotes and Interviews)

General sessions consist of 20-60 minute time slots (times vary depending on event – please consult with conference producer for confirmation). Speakers should prepare 50 minutes of content along with 5-10 minutes at the end of the session for Q&A with attendees.

General Session presenters must submit:

  • Main talking points of session, including 3-5 key takeaways for attendees
  • Description of anticipated audience
  • Is a PowerPoint Presentation required?

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