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Natasha Stambuli

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“I only know that I know nothing”- Socrates. I have more or less lived by this quote; I have taken every opportunity that felt right and ran with it. There were times I was scared that I won’t even last in certain organizations because I felt I didn’t know enough but I learnt, absorbed and kicked ass!

I spent a couple of years in digital agencies, mainly startups that I saw through growth and of which I can attest to, shaped and equipped me with knowledge of taking on a passion that was birthed a few years ago – Music Entertainment, most specifically African.

As the world has started embracing more women in the industry, especially black women- I would like to be part of that picture, an executive that will eventually see through more talents, put East Africa and continuously see more of Africa on the map; especially one that has grown in Africa all her life.  ABOUT: Boomplay is the #1 music streaming & download service in Africa, which gives you access to millions of songs,videos & entertainment news.

Transsnet Music Limited (Boomplay)



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