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RBC® is proud to support Canadian talent through our Emerging Artists Project in partnership with Canadian Music Week’s Virtual Voices Series.

Supporting the arts is a long-standing priority of RBC®. We recognize the important role they play in building vibrant communities and strong economies. We also recognize the struggle many artists go through to gain the recognition they need to become successful in their practice. The RBC Emerging Artists Project helps artists bridge the gap from emerging to established, and supports organizations that provide the best opportunities to advance artists’ careers.

The RBC Emerging Artist Project support results-driven programming to help artists bridge the gap from emerging to established, in the early stages of their career, by providing Networking, Training & Exposure to new/diverse audiences. More info


Canadians love music and data on streaming confirms it.

MRC Canada’s data shows that Canada is close to hitting a new major milestone in streaming. Sometime soon, it’s expected that Canada will hit 2 billion songs streamed per week. The size and rapid growth of the streaming marketplace in Canada is an incredible achievement. At this panel, hear from industry professionals for their take on this strong, dynamic – but highly competitive – marketplace.


Presented By: Music Canada

Brought To You By:  RBC Emerging Artist Project

Host: Rudy Blair, Music & Entertainment Reporter, Rudy Blair Entertainment Media

Opening Remarks – Patrick Rogers, CEO of Music Canada

Speakers: Moderator – Miranda Mulholland, Canadian Musician/Label Owner, Artistic Director, Muskoka Music Festival Alex Bellissimo, Director of Commercial Revenue, Warner Music Canada
Erik Sowden, Head of Commercial Development, MRC Data


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