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Scotty Taylor

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Scotty Taylor: is a music solutions super agent. Music supervisor, producer, copyright acquisition specialist member of the Guild of Music Supervisors US and founding member of the Guild of Music Supervisors Canada. He’s also a former member of the highly acclaimed Supergroup Sonic Branding Co. A seasoned sonic Sherpa, his jackknife approach to music supervision, song clearance, acquisition and negotiation sees him seamlessly bridging the gap between client and creative to facilitate even the most singular of creative goals. With a fierce tenacity and signature flair, Scotty regularly works across a multitude of media platforms from Advertising, TV, Film and the emerging worlds of branded music curation and playlisting.

KISS THE SUN MUSIC CO. is a boutique Music Supervision and sonic strategy company specializing in song clearance, creative support, copyright negotiation and administration for Advertising, TV and Film.


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