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Rob Schwartz

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Rob Schwartz is the Co-Founder and Chief Music Officer for ACX1 Studios in Atlantic City, NJ.  ACX1 Studios was a 550,000 sq. foot mall (at Caesar’s Pier) which Rob and his team converted into a movie production lot with over 120 sets and a large music incubator. He is also a voting member for the Recording Academy (Grammys) for the Philadelphia Chapter.

Rob owns WHO?MAG Distribution which has over 300 sub-labels, 1,000 artists, and 20,000 songs including a Grammy Award Winning album.  He also owns 3 music TV networks (WHO?MAG Multimedia, iFame TV, and Video Vision) and was the 1st network to air hip hop on OTT’s (on Roku in 2012) as well as 3 music broadcast TV shows (WHO?MAG TV, DMTV, and Video Vision) which have over 3,000 combined interviews ranging from hip hop, EDM, pop, and music execs.

Rob is also the owner/founder of ‘Distro Fest’ dubbed South Jersey’s coolest music festival and conference. “Distro Fest 2’ took place at ACX1 Studios in Atlantic City, NJ with over 70 performers and 40 speakers ( for more info).  Rob is also the co-founder of ‘PLAY Music Conference’ in Philadelphia. He also created the first music distribution NFT line called “The WHOMEEZ”.

Rob is also a multiple award-winning film director, producer, and music supervisor.  He is a member of the Guild of Music Supervisors and has worked on 12 movies and 4 TV shows as a music supervisor.  As a music industry advocate, Rob has also spoken all over the world including Seoul (South Korea), Kent (UK), Rome (Italy), Canada (Toronto), Barcelona (Spain), many Universities, music conferences, and film festivals. Rob is also a member of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia.


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