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Matt St. Pierre

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Born and raised in Small Northern Ontario town, Matt’s career began as a music lover & hobbyist working in Marketing & Advertising. Matt’s deep passion for music naturally resulted to a career in the music business.
With over 5 years of music marketing experience focused on helping early-stage artists in developing & establishing their early fanbases. Matt launched a music marketing agency & incubator in 2020 which was initially pitched to be a division of Vice Media. These plans were railroaded by the pandemic however, Matt continued his plans independently and led this venture himself and successfully aided artists in accumulating millions of streams most notably Andy PolkRicky James & J-Minu$.

Since the rise of web3 Matt has pivoted as one of the founding members of Sol Music Ltd, a web3 music & technology company with a goal of bringing new and innovative tech to aid musicians in navigating the music business.

Since launching Sol Music in 2021 Matt has aided artists in raising over 6 figures of funding towards their music & has built a community of thousands of avid music junkies looking to discover, incubate, and aid artists in their career.

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