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Michael Bisping

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ABOUT a.s.s. concerts & promotion gmbh

a.s.s. concerts & promotion, headquartered in Hamburg, can be counted among Germany’s most established and successful tour promoters. The company was founded in 1979 by Dieter Schubert and is today headed by him, along with Michael Bisping and Dirk Gehrmann. a.s.s. concerts kept developing and has since been increasing its number of employees, turnover, and fields of activity.

Besides the main business area as booking agency and tour promoter for rock, pop, folk, jazz, and world music artists, a.s.s. concerts operates in gala and event booking (K-Musix, led by Ina Keilitz) and runs two departments for local events headed by Andreas Hatzegan and Christian Waaga.

The a.s.s. company family

The a.s.s. family consists of two additional companies. Both started off as divisions of a.s.s. concerts and have since become autonomous companies, still owned by a.s.s. concerts.

Selective Artists is a booking agency with focus on young German, as well as European singer-songwriter, electro, and indie artists, headed by Christoph Pancke and Andreas “Pese” Puscher.

Dragon Productions, run by Jörg “Schrög” Düsedau, has an artist roster of hard rock and metal bands.

The a.s.s. company group has 30 employees in Hamburg and eight more in branch offices in Berlin, Düsseldorf, and South Tirol. With this team, a.s.s. concerts can present about 1.200 concerts annually and places its artists at numerous festivals. a.s.s. does not only host shows in Germany, they also book in the markets of Austria, Switzerland and the Benelux-countries.

Various artists are additionally represented by a.s.s. in the full European market.

a.s.s. concerts as part of the Mehr-BB Entertainment GmbH

Ever since 2013 a.s.s. concerts is part of the Mehr-BB Entertainment Company, a leading musical presenter in Germany. The Mehr-BB Entertainment Company runs several stages all over Germany including the Mehr! Theater at the Hamburger Großmarkt and the Capitol Theater in Düsseldorf. Both venues also host a.s.s. concerts’ productions.

a.s.s. concerts as a local promoter

Also since 2013, the a.s.s. local department hosts an increasing number of concerts from a.s.s.’ own tour portfolio, as well as concerts from several other agencies. In December 2018

a.s.s. concerts opened a new local office, located with the Mehr-BB Entertainment offices in Düsseldorf. With the new team a.s.s concerts organizes events all over the Ruhr and Rhein area.

In addition to concerts, a.s.s. also hosts comedy, cabaret and infotainment shows in both Düsseldorf and Hamburg. Open Airs have become another focus of local promoting in that same region since 2021, ranging from small ones to big ones such as the Biggesee Open Air in Olpe.

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