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Isiah Cruise

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Isiah Cruise was born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario. When growing up Isiah had to go through speech therapy. After successfully completing speech therapy, he fell in love with music. Isiah started to rap and sing in his later years of elementary school. Isiah continued music throughout high school, and started composing and producing music more often as well. After high school, Isiah transitioned to more of an R&B sound with his songs. Isiah is an up and coming R&B singer and music producer from Canada. Isiah started his career in 2011. He always strived to be unique. One of the ways he accomplished that was by creating catchy hooks for everybody who loves music. With practical lyrics and melodies, Isiah has come a long way from being what people thought was just another kid trying to make music. He strives to be different and unique in his own form of artistry. In 2020, he released his debut single Indigo. Indigo was a pop R&B song with a catchy chorus. Isiah released his debut EP, Chapter One in 2021.


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