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Guillaume Moffet

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Guillaume Moffet is a music executive with 10 years of experience shaping the Canadian and global music landscape. 

Starting his journey as an A&R executive at SOCAN, Moffet played a pivotal role in curating talent and nurturing emerging artists through SOCAN’s renowned songwriting camps. His dedication to fostering songwriting excellence laid the foundation for many rising stars in the Canadian music scene, including Charlotte Cardin, Ria Mae, writer Jenna Andrews, and more.

His influence extended beyond the world of PROs when he joined Spotify Canada as a Senior Editor. There, he helped curate and shape several Canadian and worldwide playlists, including the influential LOREM, as well as Morning (and Evening) Commute, Sad Bops, Montréal Chill and La Hit Liste, which have become essential listening for millions of music enthusiasts worldwide.

Transitioning to Universal Music Canada, where Moffet occupied the position of Director of A&R, where he elevated the careers of numerous artists to new heights. His keen eye for talent and strategic insight propelled artists like Rêve, whose JUNO Award-winning music soared to multi-platinum status. He also championed ADISQ-award winning singer-songwriter Eli Rose, as well as Jeanick Fournier, the winner of 2022’s Canada’s Got Talent, among other rising stars.

Notably, his commitment to supporting LGBTQIA+ identifying artists, writers, producers, and music executives has been unwavering throughout his career. With a remarkable track record of talent discovery, creative nurturing, and influence over global music trends, Guillaume Moffet remains a formidable presence in the music industry, leaving an indelible mark on both artists and listeners alike.


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