Adesegun Adeosun

Founder & CEO and Co-Founder of Afro Nation,
Smade Entertainment Group

Adesegun (also known as SMADE) is recognised as one the most successful African entrepreneurs in the U.K. He has not only reintroduced Africans in the diaspora to their culture through music but has also quite literally taken Afrobeats to the world. With more than 30 sold out UK Afrobeats events Smade has contributed to the cultural movement of accepting the Afrobeats genre of music in the U.K; he has given a huge platform to numerous African artists through his concerts whilst opening them up to international labels. In 2019 he and his business partner put on the biggest Afrobeats festival that was Afronation, which was highly spoken about and landed him features with the BBC and FORBES, the festival has since taken place in Portugal, Ghana and Puerto Rico. Across his career Smade has worked with a number of major acts from the early stages of their careers and firmly believes in supporting and developing the artists from their small beginnings. He has held sold out concerts and festivals in the best venues boasting audiences of over 20,000 people. In 2021 Smade opened ‘SMADE Lounge’ in the heart of East London, an afro-centric bar & lounge, which is frequently visited by Africa’s biggest artists and celebrities.  Adesegun Adeosun Jnr is not holding back anytime soon as he continually aims ‘to bring the very best in African entertainment to the rest of the world.’