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Veronica Low

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A passionate Senior Management Executive with over 35 years of hands-on experience in sales, broadcasting, and communications, Veronica is a creative, strategic thinker who is solutions-oriented and goal-driven.

She is well-known and widely respected in the Canadian broadcast industry. She is known for turning “challenges” into success stories and is both “creative and fearless.” As a strategist, she has created ground-breaking alliances and executed “BIG IDEAS,” including the initial ROOTS/KISS 92 Partnership.

Veronica orchestrated a remarkable turnaround during her tenure as President of the Broadcast Executive Society (2010–2012). Her passion and determination propelled the society from the brink of bankruptcy to profitability within the first year. She revitalized the Luncheon Series, focusing on Canadian speakers and broadcast issues, further cementing her commitment to the industry.

Over 20 years ago, she created a company owned by women, sharing stories about women and other voices that would not be picked up by mainstream publishers, labels, or media. These stories would be nuggets of inspiration, stories that would offer hope and healing, stories that needed to be shared. She kicked down doors, smashed glass ceilings with a single-minded goal: inclusiveness for all. And so began Roar Publishing Inc. (2001) soon followed by Roar Records Inc. (2013)

With a powerful narrative of “women supporting women”, the company produced and released what became a defining moment: “RISE” by Elyse Saunders, the song inspired by Jessica Phoenix, as well as the book RISE: The Jessica Phoenix Story by Julie Fitz- Gerald.

The CHR version of the song would remain on the HOT MUSIC CHART for 13 consecutive weeks. And the EDM version was a favorite of an international soccer team – who played it for inspiration in their locker room prior to hitting the pitch! The book would become a popular school tour, with both Julie and Jessica visiting students across Canada: Children would spontaneously sing the song “RISE” while awaiting eagerly for the presentation to begin. The “RISE Movement” was born! Roar had achieved its vision: creating stories of inspiration across multiple platforms.

The Roar Records Inc. family includes Ana Pac, Jeff Jones, The Holy Gasp, Wendy Irvine, and Stephen Adrian Lawrance and prides itself on supporting local studios, musicians, and artists. MAPL to the core.

In October 2023, Roar Records Inc. celebrated ten years as an indie label. Distributed by Believe via Outside Music, the label will soon release Ana Pac’s debut album “Manifest” and Jeff Jones’ rock single “Velvet Sky.” Their artist, The Holy Gasp, is enjoying critical success with their album “… And the Lord Hath Taken Away”, winning accolades around the globe.

Known to her artists as “Mama Roar,” Veronica is a fierce supporter of their vision, which she champions as a “shared goal” sharing stories of humanity, hope and love. She signs her emails GTG (Go Team Go) followed by her trademark “Warmest regards.”

Outside of her professional life, Veronica is a woman of many talents and interests. She is an accomplished equestrian, having competed in eventing. She currently volunteers for The Royal Horse Show at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and The Ontario Eventing Association. Fluent in French, Veronica also manages the foundation bearing her father’s name, “The Steven Low Foundation,” dedicated to forging a pathway towards reconciliation for Indigenous peoples living in Canada. The foundation has donated over $150,000 to Indigenous projects across the nation since 2022.

Yet Veronica’s favourite role is that of Oma to her granddaughter.


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