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Ryo Ito

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After graduated Berklee College of Music, he worked as a music director, A&R, and producer for Johnny’s Entertainment which is the biggest boyband management company in Japan. Since 2009, he has been running his own company, Magonodaimade Production Inc., working as a freelance songwriter, producer, director and song pitcher in addition to managements of song-writers.​
As A&R, he received over fifty Platinum/Gold Awards and over twenty No.1 Records, and over fifty Platinum/Gold Awards and nine No.1 Singles as a songwriter so far.
Directed a boygroup “Shuji To Akira”, and their song “Seishun Amigo” reached 1.6 million CD sales in 2005. 
Wrote “HOPE” and “In Two” for Namie Amuro, who is the one of the most famous Japanese female singer, and her music albums which included those two songs reached over 2 millions sales in 2017.
He serves as a vice principal of a school for song-writing techniques so-called Yamaguchi Seminar in 2013, and was appointed as a president of CWF Inc. which is the agent company where more than 150 song-writers belong in 2019.
Wrote books “Co-Writing No Kyoukasho<Text Book For Co-Writing>” and “Sakushiryoku<The Power Of Lyrics>”.
Won the Gold Medal of NEXTONE AWARD 2019.
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