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Rob Schwartz

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Rob Schwartz is the CEO/Founder of WHO?MAG Multimedia, LLC. The company consists of WHO?MAG Distribution which has over 300 sub-labels, 1,000 artists, and 20,000 songs including a Grammy Award Winning album. It also consists of 3 music TV networks (WHO?MAG Multimedia, iFame TV, and Video Vision) and was the 1st network to air urban music on OTT’s (on Roku in 2012). It also consists of 3 music broadcast TV shows (WHO?MAG TV, DMTV, and Video Vision) which have over 3,000 combined interviews ranging from hip hop, EDM, pop, and music execs.

Rob is also the co-founder of ‘PLAY Music Conference’ in Philadelphia and ‘Distro Fest’ in New Jersey, the largest independent music festival by a music distribution company (WHO?MAG Distribution) with 80 artists on one stage in one day.

Rob is also a multiple award-winning film director, producer, and music supervisor. He is a member of the Guild of Music Supervisors and has worked on 12 movies and 4 TV shows as a music supervisor. As a music industry exec, Rob has also spoken all over the world including Seoul (South Korea), Kent (UK), Rome (Italy), many Universities, music conferences, and film festivals. Rob is also a voting member of the Grammy’s (Philly Chapter) and a member of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia. For more information on Rob, visit,, or


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