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Rianna Ford

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Rianna Ford also known as ‘Re’ is a Mississauga native, event coordinator, cannabis lobbyist and entrepreneur.  

Her start stems from hospitality and event planning for numerous restaurants and charities in the city of Toronto. However in the midst of the infamous 2020 lockdown that year was a rose and thorn for her career pivot. As for things she knew and loved stopped hence her thorn; but like a rose her new found passion for legal cannabis blossomed.  

She began through a government funded program with Career Foundation, helping to employ young adults in cannabis cultivation by completing an extensive 3-month training to land a role as a cultivation technician.  

However her affinity for hospitality landed her in the retail cannabis space. In which she grew her professional resume as a purchasing/store manager, to then offering retail/menu consulting and the to start hosting one of the industry first experience based consumption events in Niagara; RE.UP. 

RE.UP is an organization dedicated always to offering more knowledge, support and opportunities to build community and succeed within the legal cannabis industry. Re’s effort with RE.UP have successfully lead and curated scenic and experience based cannabis consumption events and successfully lead SAUGA STAND UP initative. In which helped carry out a revote on April 19th, 2023, where the city of Mississauga finally opted into having legal cannabis storefronts.  

With her efforts and work with RE.UP she also aids in events and marketing with Scarborough Independent Licensed Brand; The Loud Plug. 

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