Year: 2022

Patrick Labbe

Founder & CEO,
DOZE Management & Le Phoque OFF festival & Centrale Alternative

Patrick Labbé has been in the “DIY ” music and production world for over 20 years. From being the touring artist himself to playing all the different roles in the music and live event production industry, he always has been using technology as a tool for productivity, creativity and connectivity. He introduced the livestreaming concerts at Le Phoque OFF festival back in 2017 and then started to imagine and create immersive and metaverse experiences to keep the feeling of the live event alive throughout the recent pandemic lockdowns. Always a visionary about the future direction of the industry, he founded DOZE Management in 2012 which led him to work with dozens of alternative artists and local promoters for whom he worked on outdoor concerts by Madonna, Celine Dion and many others. Seeing the needs of his customers, his innovative vision led him to found his own music festival and conference in 2015 as well as a non-profit organization called Centrale Alternative in 2018, whose mission is to strengthen the indie music industry through innovative pooling, collaborative work, professionalization, discovery, distribution and promotion tools.