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Kaye Parker

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Born in St. Catharines, Ontario, Kaye Parker’s upbringing is nothing shy of eventful. As an adopted child, Kaye began developing a love for music and the arts. In her early teen years, Kaye got discovered by various entertainment industry contacts. This lead to a music career that lasted a few years before starting her family and having her three beautiful children.
Fast forward a few years, Kaye wanted to develop a platform and her voice to be shared beyond music. In late 2020 an idea sparked that encompassed all of Kaye’s passions, an online TV show called “Trials & Tribulations”.
The show goes into detail about the guests successes, failures and what they’ve learned over the course of their career and life. With over 100 episodes captured around the world, now an internationally recognized viral influencer, published author and frequent guest on radio, TV and podcasts around the world, Kaye is presently mentoring other industry professionals who want to make a mark on their social media platforms while returning back to the music scene and is a communications and social media manager for Hvr, the social browser.
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