Year: 2023


Producer, Composer, Technologist, and Songwriter,

BT is a music industry icon with an impressive 25+ year career as a Grammy-nominated producer, composer, technologist, and songwriter. His pioneering work in Trance and IDM laid the groundwork for modern EDM, and he’s also a classically trained composer and songwriter. BT’s signature plugins like Stutter Edit 1&2 for Izotope and Phobos & Polaris with Spitfire Audio have become essential tools for producers worldwide. He’s written, produced, and remixed for a stunning array of top artists like David Bowie, Madonna, and Tiesto, and is an accomplished film composer for scores like Monster and The Fast and The Furious. BT’s creativity also extends to groundbreaking projects like writing the music for Tomorrowland at Disneyland Shanghai and exploring the web 3 space with his Genesis.json NFT, Metaversal, and The Orbs – a collection of infinite music and 3D art pieces.