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Karen Beach

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Born in Leeds UK into a creative and technically astute family my childhood was surrounded by music and design where I was freely given the tools to explore and express my creative flare. As such I designed, sewed, sang, danced, did musical theatre and, helped to make costumes for carnival which I also participated in. My family started carnival in the UK which gave me a wonderful, enriching musical environment to grow up in, I am forever grateful for that.

Also, an enthusiastic student, I love learning and excelled academically. University educated in Business and Economics I decided to combine my love of creativity with business. As such, I launched my label at Toronto Fashion Week. An immediate success in the media and stores I was hailed as one of Canada’s top 5 new designers.

My business background enabled me to spot trends, including an opportunity in the corporate world. As such, I decided to combine my business knowledge with design and entered the world of private label. I launched a new business and have been blessed to work with Fortune 500 corporations and well-known brands, such as Indian Motorcycle, Labatt, BMW and Coca-Cola right out of the gate; and have also worked with brands like Harley-Davidson, Polaris, Yamaha, NASCAR, Jack Daniel’s, William Grant & Sons, Sony, BMG, Panavision and many others.

My knowledge of the global supply chain has enabled me to build and develop complex merchandise solutions for customers worldwide. With a great team we navigate the complex world of global commerce and supply chain logistics all lead by unique design, it’s been quite a ride!

As an active musician I have been blessed to sing Jazz, Classic Rock and Pop and the Blues; and based on a massive shift in my family in 2021, I was motivated to take a deeper dive into music which inspired me to pick up an instrument again and I started to play the drums, which I love.

My collective experiences in music, arts and design has paved the way for me to combine my musical inclinations with my extensive design career and supporting infrastructure. As such I am currently developing collections and product lines for a variety of musicians and creatively driven artists.

I believe relevant merchandise is more than a revenue stream, it’s a vital avenue for expression and messaging and it is extremely important to expand on the offerings in the market at this time by providing the audience and listeners with relevant, retail quality merchandise. What I have accomplished and currently do is based on a passion project and a professional tribute to someone who motivated me in my life to be my best, give my best, share my best and expect the best. 


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