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Canadian producer and composer Ikwinder Singh aka Ikky has been lighting up the charts with his distinct brand of hip–hop, pop and Punjabi music, both at home and through the rest of the world. The 23-year-old Rexdale-based artist has garnered over two billion streams across the globe with such career-defining hits as “Diamond” with Gurnam Bhullar; “Bambiha Bole” with Amrit Maan and Sidhu Moosewala; “Chauffeur” with Diljit Dosanjh and Tory Lanez; “She’s the One” with Soni Pabla; “Baller” with Shubh; and “52 Bars” and “Making Memories” with Karan Aujla. 

He is also the co-founder 4N (pronounced ‘foreign’) Records and its 4N Nights concert event series, which are a manifestation of his mission to showcase South Asian talent internationally. In 2023, Ikky continued his mission by being appointed creative director of 91 North Records, a joint venture between Warner Music Canada and Warner Music India, aimed at supporting artists of South Asian heritage. 91 North Records’ first signings are Canadian-based Punjabi stars Karan Aujla and Jonita Gandhi. “I want to make sure that once the door opens for Punjabi music worldwide, it will flood the gates,” says Ikky.


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