Year: 2022

Amie Therrien

Executive Director,
MMF Canada

Amie Therrien is the Executive Director of MMF Canada, a non-profit organization that supports managers and self-managed artists with professional development, mentorship, and networking opportunities as well as advocating on their behalf to the government and the community at large. 

Prior to MMF Canada, Amie was the owner of Balsam Pier Music, an artist management and development company where she worked primarily with folk, roots, and Americana artists. She has also worked in marketing and management at Coalition Music and as the Programming Coordinator for Folk Alliance International 2019. Amie is board president of Folk Music Ontario, a former MMF Canada board member, and an alumna of the Artist Manager Program with Canada’s Music Incubator.

Based in Toronto, Amie is a part-time runner, kayaker, meditator, Métis beader, and the proud owner of a Masters degree in Civil Engineering.