Year: 2022

Britney Guerra

Brant Cannabis

BRITNEY ANNE GUERRA has been a well-known voice on the Canadian cannabis scene for more than a decade. From her early activist days on Canada’s west coast to her bravery in opening one of the first legacy dispensaries in Hamilton, Ontario, to the time she spent in jail cells and prisoner boxes for her public advocacy and civil disobedience for the cause, Guerra has been outspoken. Putting herself publicly forward as the owner of cannabis dispensaries in the legacy days, she is one of the cannabis leaders that brought credibility and professionalism to the industry helping to usher in legalization. Guerra has done her time in front of the news cameras – and in front of a judge. She remains proud of her activist past today – but reflects that she’s seen the inside of more cells and courtrooms than she wants to remember. She was one of the high-profile defendants in the Project Gator busts that shut down Cannabis Culture stores across Canada. Britney’s impactful history as a groundbreaker in the space continues to inform the work she does today. Now she’s a Legal Cannabis Retail operation specialist, supporting her brother-in-law’s chain of legal stores as well as consulting across the country. She is knowledgeable about all aspects of cannabis: the plant, the culture, the transition from the legacy to the legal market – the price she paid and how she turned it around to succeed once again.