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Alisha Outridge

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Alisha Outridge is an Executive Product & Technology Operator with 18+ years of experience in the tech, entertainment, and music industries, pioneering the development of products and new business models utilizing emerging technologies such as AI, AR, social media, and Web3. Alisha’s contributions include co-inventing patented work at Facebook (now Meta) and leading innovation at KickApps (acquired by PSD>Brightspot), FlyBy (acquired by Apple; Google X company), iHeartRadio, SolidBlock (now DIBS Capital), and TuneCore, serving as its Chief Technology & Product Officer (CTPO).

Currently, Alisha is the Chief Technology & Product Officer (CTPO) at Byte&Chord and a Faculty Member in Brown University’s Masters Program and School of Engineering, where she focuses on building emerging technologies that solve problems in the music, big data tech, social media, and entertainment industries (ie. AI, ML, blockchain, computer vision, and Web3).

Through her work, Alisha leverages technology to create new business models and product solutions that support people in earning a living. She is dedicated to supporting the amplification of human creativity and societal development through the next wave of the digital age.


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