Panel Details


Friday 05/22/2020
Osgoode West
3:00PM - 3:50PM
(50 minutes)

Panel Discussion

Struggle and Sound: Listening to First Nations’ Musical Message

The real world violently shook the Canadian music scene last year with the suicide of 26-year-old Inuit singer-songwriter Kelly Fraser and revelations that she suffered PTSD. A positive-spin success story - from a First Nation with the highest suicide rate in the world - was shattered. Canada has produced waves of Indigenous artists, from Robbie Robertson and Buffy Sainte-Marie to A Tribe Called Red, War Party and Tanya Taqaq. Their songs soothe, inflame and inform. But what is the sacrifice an Indigenous performer makes to take their pain and others public through their art? How resistant is the mainstream industry to their message? And what pressure comes with being a “role model?” This panel will discuss the realities of being a Native performer in 2020.

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