Panel Details


Friday 05/22/2020
Sheraton C
3:30PM - 4:20PM
(50 minutes)

Panel Discussion

Rollout of a Release Plan: New Rules for Getting Heard in 2020

Despite predictions to the contrary, the album did not die in a digital world. But its role has evolved as the single - always a kickstarter - has taken over a streamed, hit-song-driven universe. This panel of pros has stickhandled its way through the current release maze and has some new rules for launching a song amid millions of competitors, and creatively expanding its impact with an EP or LP. Some of the rules will sound familiar (write short, don’t over-intro, come up with a lead single, a “B-side” and bonus content) and others are of-the-moment (encourage fans to personalize the content on social media, with DIY videos, duets, etc.).
Jack Ross
Executive VP, Director
APA Agency
Toronto, Canada

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