Panel Details

Thursday 09/10/2020
Grand Centre
1:00PM - 2:00PM
(1 hour)

Super Session

From Love-in to Cash-In: How the World’s Biggest Music Festivals Evolved

Woodstock’s 50th came and went, but the love-in that signaled the end of the ‘60s was the start of something much bigger.Along the way, it’s exposed fans to music and culture, both regional and global, and spun off into the successful country cousin Stagecoach. Now names like Coachella, Glastonbury and Summerfest are branded on pop culture, and more than 32 million people attend major festivals every year. It’s part of what’s been dubbed, “the experiential economy,” attracting fans looking for a real-world addition to the streaming experience. Meanwhile, for major acts, festivals are an efficient alternative to touring. In this session, reps from the world’s biggest festivals talk strategies including cultural content, and digital tickets and concession apps that create a stress-free cashless environment.
Laurie Kirby
Santa Barbara, USA
Martin Elbourne
Creative Director, Co-Founder
Glastonbury Festival / The Great Escape
Redhill, UK