Panel Details


Thursday 05/21/2020
Osgoode West
11:10AM - 12:00PM
(50 minutes)

Panel Discussion

Meet the Brands: The Mutual Benefits of Music Partnerships

Does live music underperform on the sponsorship level? In some ways, the concert industry is structured as its own worst enemy (for example, many major artists have their own sponsorship deals, which preclude investment at the venue level). Meanwhile, studies of Millennial concertgoers find they’re particularly desirable marketing targets, with 80% of them saying they are more likely to buy a brand they see at a concert. Some marketers are envisioning imaginative ways to monetize the live experience, including creating sponsored platforms and hubs to showcase performers’ music and outside artists’ works. As well, cyberspace might be a better canvas than the real world. An Instagram post by The Weeknd arguably could be more effective than a logo worn onstage. Fans share a lifestyle, and this panel will examine how sponsors can share it.
Andrew King
Editor in Chief
Canadian Musician Magazine
Niagara, Canada

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