Panel Details

Friday 09/11/2020
Grand West
2:30PM - 3:20PM
(50 minutes)

Panel Discussion

The Rise of the Independent Artist

Under the old “major label” paradigm, a literally hit-or-miss ethos often ruled. You either broke big, or took your signing bonus and went home. But the digitally-aided era of self-managed independent artists is seeing more and more people making a living. Recent research shows that indie artists are by far the fastest-growing segment of global music. In 2018, the revenue they produced jumped by about 40% to nearly $700million. And that is money split among far fewer middlemen than ever. Yes, label deals are still an option, but this panel will examine how DIY has changed the game.
Micah Barnes
Vocal & Performance Coach

Linda Bush
VP, Artist & Label Services
Cadence Music Group
Toronto, Canada
Melissa MacMaster
902 HipHop