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Thursday 05/09/2019
Osgoode Ballroom East
4:15PM - 5:00PM
(45 minutes)

Fireside Chat

From Usher to Bieber: An In-Depth Interview with Hit-Maker Poo Bear

In a way not seen since the days of Wham, Jason Boyd – a.k.a. Poo Bear – has been instrumental with helping Justin Bieber transition his career from teen heartthrob to serious megastar driven by pop songs of the highest quality. They had, oddly, a lot in common. Both had troubled childhoods, and both had their first hits in their early teens. The difference was, Poo Bear did it behind the scenes as a songwriter (112 “Anywhere” and “Peaches And Cream), Bieber did it in the full glare of the public. Poo Bear had already caused a quiet tidal wave as co-writer of Caught Up for Usher’s album Confessions, and wrote songs for artists like Ludacris and Chris Brown. But he has spent most of this decade writing exclusively for Bieber, taking him post-heartthrob with hits like Where Are Ü Now, What Do You Mean and Despacito. Global hits have followed with David Guetta, Fifth Harmony, Mariah Carey and DJ Khaled. We’re doing a deep dive with one of the most quietly influential songwriters of the century.
Featured Speaker
Poo Bear
Songwriter / Record Producer
Poo Bear Music
Nile Rodgers
Producer/Composer, Musical Icon, Multiple Grammy Award winner / Producer / Compo
Nile Rodgers Productions LLC
New York, USA
Merck Mercuriadis
Hipgnosis Songs Ltd/The Family Ltd

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