Panel Details


Saturday 05/11/2019
Osgoode Ballroom East
3:25PM - 4:10PM
(45 minutes)

Panel Discussion

Hip-Hop’s Universal Language: A Global Perspective

Hip-hop is not called the world’s #1 genre for nothing. Spotify has collated 20 billion tracks played in 1,000 cities and found hip-hop figures in playlists in every corner of the globe, regardless of language. The artists themselves could be global stars like Drake or Kendrick Lamar, or local heroes. But the reality is this most American of art-forms, encompassing song, dance and culture, has crossed all borders. How does hip-hop find fans in the favelas of Brazil and the streets of Shanghai? Is it social, political or is it just the beat? This panel will look at international hip-hop trends and the dynamic behind them.

Sponsored by:
Inaxxs Group
Al “Butter” Mclean
Sr. VP, Creative
Kobalt Music Publishing
New York, USA
Andre Mullen
CEO & Artist Manager
The Inaxxs Group
New York,
Bryan Michael Cox
Bryan Michael Cox
Rico Brooks
Adella Thomas Entertainment
Atlanta, USA
Ryan Haslam
Conference Director of the A3C Festival & Conference / Talent Manager - USA
Bryan Michael Cox
Samantha O’Connor
A&R Consultant
XL Recordings/New Gen
Toronto, Canada