Panel Details


Saturday 05/11/2019
Osgoode Ballroom East
1:20PM - 2:05PM
(45 minutes)

Panel Discussion

The Producers Panel: The Art of Music Production - Past...Present...Future

This Panel will discuss if and how music production has changed with technology and the many different roles of the producer today which can include mixer, engineer, artist rep and in some cases record label. Is it more important the artist have pure talent or a strong work ethic? How do you mentor and how important is it? What is the effect of the studio environment for overall production? Are music genres a thing of the past, and how does that affect the producer? What is a producer’s role in re-mixing? Is this a viable career? This panel will answer all of these questions and help you get your start in the art of music production.
Shane Christopher Neal
Media Personality
Giant Media Services (91.7 Giant FM/Giant TV)
Niagara Falls, Canada
Brian Moncarz
Producer - Engineer - Mixer
Brian Moncarz
Concord, Canada
Hill Kourkoutis
Award-winning Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Engineer, Multi-instrumentalist

Jermaine Dupri
Member of Song Writers Hall of Fame, Artist, Producer, CEO
So So Def.
Karen Kosowski
Record Producer, Songwriter, Musician
Karen Kosowski
Sylvia Massy
Music Producer
Radiant Being

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