Panel Details


Friday 05/10/2019
Osgoode Ballroom East
12:40PM - 1:25PM
(45 minutes)

Panel Discussion

Music Supervisors Super Session: the hit song!

When many artists can no longer live on straight listens alone, it’s primetime for music supervisors. That single that sets a mood in a movie or TV show, pumps the adrenaline in a video game, or presses emotional buttons in an ad can save a band’s bottom line. It’s not a straight cash deal though. Artists can object on principle to the use of their music in some cases. And if a production opts to save money by using a cover version, there’s quality control to monitor. The ideal music supervisor needs expertise in music, film, licensing, negotiation and must work connections in both the music and visual worlds. And you’ll find those skills in every member of this expert panel.
Steven Scharf
Steven Scharf Entertainment
New York, USA
Barry Cole
Music and Tech Consultant/Music Supervisor/Publisher/Producer
B Cole Music
New York, USA
Daniel Kuypers
Director of Music
Energy BBDO
Chicago, USA
Kirsten Lane Errington
Founder and Managing Director
Right Music Limited
London, UK
Louis-Philippe Caron
Music Licensing Specialist
Ubisoft Canada
Montreal, Canada
Pia Hoffmann
Hamburg, Germany

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