Panel Details


Saturday 05/11/2019
Sheraton C
3:25PM - 4:10PM
(45 minutes)

Fireside Chat

The Sample Queen: DMG Clearances’ Deborah Mannis-Gardner on the Art and Cost of Sampling

There was a “wild West” era in sampling and there was a “greedy stage.” And now there may be some semblance of business balance in this key development in contemporary music, one that energizes artists and re-energizes catalogues. The woman Forbes called the “Queen of Sample Clearance” - Deborah Mannis-Gardner of DMG Clearances – has cleared releases for Kendrick Lamar, Lady Gaga, Drake, Jay-Z and many more, and handled rights clearances for stage (Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton) and screen (The Aviator, 8 Mile and O Brother Where Art Thou). We’ll talk to Mannis-Gardner about the roots of her involvement in sampling, how she became an industry go-to, and how she sees the practice evolving.
Featured Speaker
Deborah Mannis-Gardner
DMG Clearances Inc.
Hockessin, USA
Andrew King
Editor in Chief
Canadian Musician Magazine
Niagara, Canada

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