Panel Details


Thursday 05/09/2019
Sheraton C
2:05PM - 2:50PM
(45 minutes)

Case Study

The New Age of Music Companies: How “Create Music Group” is Changing the Game

On this panel, Create Music Group discuss how their company has quickly become one of the fastest growing global music technology companies in the entertainment industry. What started as YouTube monetization company has now grown into a full stack music company, with distribution and publishing services. Create Music Group was named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies 2019.

As Billboard magazine writes, “Since its launch, CMG has grown from a YouTube collection specialist into a profitable force with tentacles in a range of overlooked opportunities in the music business, from mixtape monetization to video-content creation beyond official music videos... [raking] $30 million in revenue in 2017.

This panel will explore how staying flexible and fearless has fueled this company’s growth, how they’ve faced challenges of retaining their indie culture as they’ve quickly staffed up, and how they’ve established teams to drive the company’s internal meritocracy.
Andrew King
Editor in Chief
Canadian Musician Magazine
Niagara, Canada
Alexandre Williams
Co-Founder & COO
Create Music Group
Los Angeles, USA
Alice Yang
HR Manager/Head of People
Create Music Group
Los Angeles, USA
Lucas Prince
Founder - Artist & Label Manager
Toronto, Canada
Peter Nguyen
Director of Product Engineering
Create Music Group
Vancouver, Canada

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