Panel Details


Saturday 05/11/2019
Sheraton A/B
12:30PM - 2:05PM
(1 hour 35 minutes)

Music Cities Summit: Case Study

A Music City Hypothetical: What happens when a DIY Venue Closure Challeneges the Entire Foundation for a City’s Music Strategy?

A beloved DIY venue, The Nest, has just been forced to close. The reaction on social media has been swift, with many of the commentators complaining that no "music city" would let this happen. A public backlash ensues. Inspired by a session hosted by Melbourne Music Week in 2018, Lawyer Darlene Tonelli will lead participants through a hypothetical exercise where they collectively work through the twists and turns of this social dilemma.
This is an interactive session that will engage artists, media, venue operators, city officials and fans in describing their course of action at critical stages in the situation's development. You too will be invited to hypothetically make a choice.
Darlene Tonelli
Lawyer & Founder
Inter Alia Law
Toronto, Canada

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