Panel Details


Saturday 05/12/2018
Sheraton Hall C
4:35PM - 5:00PM
(25 minutes)

Keynote Presentation

Breaking Free: The Movement For A Fair and Ethical Internet For Creators

The internet has transformed the world. We now have access to the history of the world’s creative works. These things define our humanity and our culture, and they are now freely available to the world. Free, but at what cost? It’s easy to look at this technology and only see the positives, but if you dig a little deeper, there is a far more disturbing story of the real costs of the so-called free internet. From piracy, to fake news, hacking, and the corporate takeover of the internet, they all have one thing in common, they all use 'free' as the weapon of choice. What are the consequences, and who is really benefitting from 'free'? This presentation (includes unreleased clips from the forthcoming documentary Unsound), will reveal the true cost of free, who is really benefitting, and what we can do about it. Over 20 years since the once idealistic movement coined the phrase "information wants to be free", it is time to take a look at the unintended consequences, and what we can do to achieve a more fair and ethical internet for creators.

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