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Christopher A. Case

RAI Grant Insurance Brokers
Toronto, ON, Canada
I am passionate about music and the music business. For almost 30 years I have been involved in the music industry. In 2008, I joined Rai Grant Insurance Brokers to use this experience and develop an Entertainment Specialty Area. My goal was to use my experiences as a Promoter, Artist Manager, Marketer and Label Owner to assist this community and help better understand and manage their risks with practical advice and insurance programs. I believe my background is unique and enables me to really help my clients make sense of “insurance". To date I have worked with Artists, Labels, Promoters, Studios and other suppliers who are looking for excellent insurance coverage that is well priced from someone who understands their business.
Recently, in partnership with DAS Canada, I launched an industry first for the music community with DASbusiness for Musicians. This is a new “legal expense insurance” program which provides unlimited telephone legal advice for any business question a Musician might have as well as coverage for up to $200,000 in legal fees to help Musicians defend their rights for issues such as contract disputes, legal defence for traffic tickets and other challenging situations. DASbusiness for Musicians makes justice affordable for all with a one year program costing less than the cost of one hour of a lawyer’s time.