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Alan Sartirana

Co-founder, Publisher,
Los Angeles, CA, USA
In 1999, music marketing veterans Alan Miller and Alan Sartirana founded FILTER Music Media Marketing, a creative marketing company born of entrepreneurial spirit, vision, and desire to expose music in new and effective ways, with an unwavering commitment to credibility and integrity. The timing was impeccable. The burgeoning digital music environment was raising big questions for record companies and media players alike. FILTER MMM fast established itself as a cutting edge and passionate marketing team that artists, managers and labels could turn to for support in getting their music heard in the spirit of true partnership. Uniquely customized marketing campaigns were designed and implemented, organic grassroots initiatives reached previously untapped niche markets, and fresh and innovative methods connected artists to music fans in interactive environments as well as to broader lifestyle and pop culture partners via more traditional media outlets.

Over a decade later, FILTER MMM is now the FILTER Creative Group, a one-stop marketing and design agency serving entertainment and corporate clients through groundbreaking brand launches, experiential and mobile tours, social media development and management, digital marketing and PR, media buying, and creative services departments. Constantly challenging the status quo, FCG continues to create innovative and unprecedented campaigns resulting in tangible sales and marketing goals of the client.