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Richard Pfohl

General Counsel,
Music Canada
Toronto, ON, Canada
Richard Pfohl is General Counsel to Music Canada, which represents the major Canadian recording companies and the interests of key leading independent Canadian recording companies. Music Canada’s members are engaged in all aspects of the recording industry, including the manufacture, production, promotion and distribution of music. Music Canada member companies actively develop and nurture Canadian talent throughout the world. Music Canada also works closely with recording studios, live music venues, concert promoters and managers in the promotion and development of the music cluster.

Richard is also General Counsel to the Canadian recording industry’s principal licensing agency, CONNECT Music Licensing (formerly AVLA), which represents over 2250 recording companies, from the largest to the smallest, in Canada. He is active in licensing new technologies to bring music to Canadians on behalf of the recording industry.

Richard has served as President of the Neighbouring Rights Collective of Canada (NRCC), now known as Re:Sound (then known as NRCC), which administers the rights of performers and makers of sound recordings for all public communications, performances and broadcasts of music in Canada.

Richard has taught courses on internet, information technology and e-commerce law as an adjunct faculty member of the University of Toronto Law School, and has lectured and co-taught in the Osgoode Hall LL.M. and LL.B. programs. He has testified before Parliamentary committees and the Canadian Copyright Board.

Prior to joining Music Canada in 2003, Richard was a partner in the Technology and Intellectual Property group of McCarthy Tétrault. He previously served as Counsel to US Senate Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Technology, and to Senator Dianne Feinstein. He has served as a director of the Canadian IT Law Association and is active on a number of committees of the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (IPIC).