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Michael Bisping

Owner/Managing Director,
A.S.S. Concerts & Promotion GmbH.
Hamburg, Germany
Michael Bisping was born 1956 in Muenster (Westfalen). He studied law in his hometown and after his final university examination, now being a legal expert, Michael Bisping founded his own booking agency "H & B Musikpromotion". In 1986 he merged with Dieter Schubert and since then he is, aside from the latter, managing director of a.s.s. concerts & promotion gmbh.
Today approx. 35 people work for a.s.s. or it’s devision Selective Artists and the daughter company Dragon Productions, a worldwide active metal agency.
Moreover, Michael Bisping is engaged in management work being a member of the IMUC, the association of German music managers and consultants.
Michael Bisping has always been concerned in the matters and developments of the German Music Industry. For 25 years he was a board member of the federal association of the performance industry (BDV).