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John Derringer

Morning host,

John and his ever-expanding family live in a heavily fortified Diefenbunker north of the city. Rarely venturing forth from the estate, the family lives like survivalists in the Montana wilderness. Occasionally, they'll break down and leave the compound, the most likely destination being the Wal-Mart in Aurora. John and Charlene have 3 beautiful daughters: Madison, Jessica and newborn Riley. Mother-in-law Bubba lives with them, and spends most days patrolling the estate's perimeter with a large-calibre weapon fitted with live ammunition. Having been extensively trained by the Delta Force, Navy Seals, GRU, SAVAK, Bulgarian Secret Police and the Mossad, Bubba has been described in CSIS documents as " a lethal killing machine." They also referred to her as " a really good euchre player". Yellow Lab Willow lays down additional security in the form of land-mines strategically placed throughout the vast acreage.

Derringer's been in radio 30 years, the vast majority of that time being at Q107. When he started at Q in 1984, he had no idea what he was doing. Still doesn't.