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Annika Monari

Annika Monari is a co-founder of Aventus, a blockchain-based solution built to prevent ticketing issues like fraud, unregulated touting, counterfeit tickets and scalping at events. Before developing an interest in blockchain and cryptography Annika was involved with experimental particle physics, investigating Higgs Boson Particle decays to dark matter using machine learning in partnership with CERN and gaining experience at the John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory before completing a Masters Degree in Physics at Imperial College London. Having co-founded Aventus in 2016 Annika and co-founder Alan Vey launched the alpha version of Aventus on the Ethereum test network, established the Aventus Protocol Foundation to develop and market the open-source Aventus protocol, and led the most successful public ticketing Token Generation Event (TGE) that attracted over 1,300 participants and generated over $15M at the time. The Aventus Protocol was made available on the Ethereum network in April 2018.