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Myla Hardie

CEO/Creative Director,
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Myla Hardie was born in Hollywood, California and raised in the middle of the bustling
live music scene of Austin, Texas. Since childhood she has been influenced by father and
Texas singer-songwriter, Michael Hardie, who started her on piano before she could walk
or talk.
Moving to New York City at an early age of 17, she formed her first band of original
compositions, “The Myla Hardie Band” in 2000 where she lived the next 10 years
performing, recording and producing her material as well as her father’s. Their album,
“Waiting for Perfection” with audio engineer/producer Marc Urselli, who won a Grammy
for his work with guitarist Les Paul, got them on the ballot for the Grammy nomination. On
this record, Myla also recorded piano next to studio greats such as bassist Chuck Rainey. It
was during that time that she took over the administration of her father’s independent
record label and changed the name to Worldhaus Music, LLC.
Now with over 25 years of professional music experience on stage and off, having lived
abroad for years in Berlin, Germany and in the Southern Brazilian capital of Porto Alegre,
Myla divides her time administering her family-owned, independent record label,
Worldhaus Music, through which she represents international artists and continues to
perform in South America, Europe and North America. She strives as an artist and
entrepreneur to unite cultures through the creation of cultural exchange programs for
ambassador missions, facilitate investment and trade missions, produce content for media
broadcasting and funding solutions for the independent artist to be able to have an
influential voice through culture. She also sits on the council of advisors for music festival
and conference SIM São Paulo and acts as their U.S. West Coast international relations.
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