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Born in Toronto, Ontario, NDAI is making a name for herself. The R&B artist's distinct, soothing and ethereal voice is amplified with her writing style focusing on cadence, paired with the desire to fill the spaces in between the music. She gives the listener a raw and genuine take on the many anecdotes she shares about her life and the lessons she's had to learn and overcome

Rather than Sling an archetype that's somewhat dictated by the industry, the Toronto-born singer/songwriter definitely has a style of her own A multi-disciplinary artist whose artistic expression spans across music, art and film Coming from a pedigree of musicians and artists (Muttoo Brothers Calypso Orchestra, and music engineer father Stephen Muttoo), it was almost no surprise music would be an important part of her.

In addition to her musical talents, she has also built her brand via social media marketing and has helped their content to build audience and influence Managing social media platforms for women centric non-profit organizations such as Honey Jam and previously, WIPP, she has cultivated relationships and high profile clients using her talents and social media savvy She has worked as a makeup artist for music videos, commercial and editorial shoots, and most notably, supermodels Winnie Harlow and Chanel Iman