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Jesper Skibsby

WARM is the worlds biggest covering airplay monitor. Anyone can track and monitor any radio airplays on a song, among 25.000 radio stations in 130 countries, this opens up a completely new data set to the independent music scene. The platform is built with an easy accesable UI/UX in mind and is affordable for even a bedroom producer, who now are able to monitor any song, globally, and in realtime on both FM, Online and Dab radios.
The system is based on an audio fingerprint algorithm, which makes the old school radio reporting irrelevant, as anyone now are able to collect the data directly whether you are an artist or a music professional, and whether you need the data as evidence to collect your royalties or analytics to understand your emerging markets to be used for PR, marketing tour booking, controlling of external radio plugging as well as direct radio plugging and managing.
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